Tomasz Baranski


Tomasz Baranski: The Gastronomic Visionary Behind Chayote’s Fusion Cuisine

Nestled in the charming St Katharine Docks near London’s iconic Tower Bridge, Chayote has welcomed the extraordinary culinary talents of Chef Tomasz Baranski. The menu he’s created is an inspired blend of Mexican, Peruvian, and Spanish influences, showcasing the breadth of his experience and depth of his expertise. With a résumé that boasts roles at London’s premier Spanish restaurants like Brindisa, Fino, and notably Barrafina—where he helped the restaurant earn a Michelin Star—Tomasz is superbly qualified for this exciting new chapter. His time spent in Peru adds another layer of authenticity to the menu, enabling him to offer dishes that are a true celebration of culinary diversity.

In Chayote, Tomasz’s diverse culinary journey finds a new and compelling stage. From his early days in Poland’s kitchens to his time in London’s finest dining establishments, Tomasz has amassed a skill set that uniquely positions him to boost the gastronomic experience at Chayote. Having helmed Michelin-starred restaurants and crafted gourmet dishes at exclusive members’ clubs, he’s far more than just another chef. His commitment to crafting a unique and unforgettable dining experience shines through in every dish, each a blend of bold flavours, intricate textures, and picture-perfect presentation. In London’s fiercely competitive restaurant scene, it’s this level of dedication and passion that distinguishes both Tomasz and Chayote as exceptional.