Deep within Mexico’s heart, the chayote isn’t just a staple—it’s an emblem of the nation’s rich tapestry, weaving tales of ancient traditions, communal gatherings, and resilience. Locally revered as ‘mirliton’ or ‘vegetable pear’, this versatile gourd is more than a vegetable. It’s a testament to Mexico’s deep-rooted Mesoamerican heritage and the sustained legacy of its indigenous communities. This sense of adaptability and resilience—akin to the Mexican spirit—vibrates through our restaurant.

At Chayote, we don’t just serve meals; we offer stories, bringing the chayote’s vibrant heritage to life through modern culinary craft, creating experiences that resonate beyond borders.


Restaurant & Bar

Situated with a picturesque view of Tower Bridge and St Katherine Docks, Chayote stands proud at 2 Tower Bridge House, St Katherine’s Way, E1W 1AA, London.

Rooted in the esteemed legacy of The Vault 1894, Chayote evolves with a new chapter under the visionary guidance of George and Susannah. Their combined expertise and passion breathe life into this establishment, aiming to reinvigorate London’s dining scene with an unparalleled Mexican dining soiree that harmoniously blends with age-old traditions and modern finesse.

Approach & Inspiration

Distinct from the flamboyant Mexican eateries that London is familiar with, Chayote champions authenticity and elegance. We address the city’s yearning for an authentic yet refined Mexican dining ambiance.

Chayote is not merely food; it’s a holistic celebration of culture, flavour, and history. Our dishes, enriched with genuine Mexican tastes, elegantly dance with European subtleties. Our creations echo the exuberance of Mexican fusion while paying homage to the sophisticated nuances of Peruvian-Spanish cuisines, all enveloped in an aura of warmth and sophistication.


Sustainability at Chayote

Sustainability is ingrained in our ethos at Chayote. We’re proud to be associated with brands like Pensador Mezcal, the world’s first B Corp Certified Mezcal, that not only entice the palate but also contribute to a sustainable environment. Similarly, 58 & Co’s eco-friendly spirits and Belu’s commitment to supporting water-aid charities reflect our dedication to the environment and the community.

Our efforts also manifest in our keenness on food tracking to minimise waste, prioritising energy efficiency with measures like LED lighting and heat management, and endorsing local businesses that champion sustainability. A recent addition, Drop Works Rum, showcases our enthusiasm for curating sustainable yet delightful spirits.

A Taste of the Outdoors

Beside Chayote’s entrance, you’ll find our cosy outdoor seating area, shielded by heated umbrellas and offering patrons a tranquil view of the St Katharine Docks yacht marina. Here, guests can savour a select menu of smaller plates to complement their drinks.

As the weather warms, anticipate an atmosphere perfect for both intimate dinners and relaxed post-work beverages.