At Chayote, we marry the rich flavours of Mexico with the subtle nuances of Peruvian-Spanish cuisine. We are dedicated to nurturing a harmonious relationship with our environment choosing our ingredients with care, prioritising seasonal availability, and local suppliers. Dive into our menu, where every bite is a blend of culinary artistry and environmental responsibility.



Respecting the Mexican tradition of sharing we created a menu that takes your tastebuds on a journey to Latin America across 5 courses. Embrace contemporary Mexican cuisine across the tapas style meal.

We recommend a dish from each section to experience the thrill of Chayote.

Salsa selection with unlimited totopos 7.5

Chicharrónes with rocoto jam 8

Guacamole with totopos 8

Yuca fries, ocopa 7.5

Prawns & jalapeno croquetas, guajillo cream 8

Cactus tempura, salsa taquera 7.5

Quinoa slider, guajillo bun, papaya yoghurt & aji amarillo sweet potato 7

Sea trout tiradito, tigers milk, hibiscus granita 10

Seabass & green mango aguachile, red caviar 12

Pumpkin, chile de arbol & pumpkin seed taco 6

Chicken thigh, ancho-cumin, adobo rub & salsa ranchera taco 8

Sesame yellowfin tuna & guajillo cream tostadas 12.5

Oxtail, chicharrón, pickled onion & pineapple salsa tacos 12

Wild mushroom, piquillo & oaxaca style cheese taco 11

Al pastor solomillo, green mole & aji amarillo sweet potato 22

Iberico pork cheeks carnitas, red & green mole 24

Roast chayote, girolles mushrooms, red mole 16

Lamb barbacoa in adobo, wrapped in banana leaf 28

Hake a la veracruzana 26

Almond, coconut & meringue tart 8

Pumpkin cheesecake 8

Donuts, raspberry coulis, spicy chocolate 8

Home-made ice creams & sorbets 7


Inventive cocktails with dedication toward Mezcal & Tequila

Hand-picked selection of wines featuring orange skin contact wines, reds of Latin origin, world whites, all to complement the culinary journey of Mexican cuisine

 Draft and bottled beers of Mexico to go perfectly with tacos and tostadas


Jalapeno & Mint infused El Rayo Tequila, Melonade, Cointreau, Citrus 12


Pensador Mezcal, Mango, Oak Smoke, Citrus, Lemonade 12


Kinnahan’s Kasc Whisky, Bessou Honey, Ancho Reyes 12


Chayote infused Dropworks Rum, Habanero, Basil, Citrus, Egg White 12

Mezcal Espresso

Ojo de Dios Coffee Mezcal, Coffee, Ginger 12

Mexican Mixers

Barsol Pisco & Grapefruit Soda 10

El Rayo Tequilla & Tonic 10


Hibiscus, Citrus, Rose Lemonade 7


Everleaf Forest, Citrus, Fig, Egg White 7


Rice, Sugar, Cinnamon, Water, Vanilla 7

Everleaf Mountain & Tonic 7

Thirnbridge 0.5% lager 6